Identification Type Petrified Wood for Petrified Wood Table

Petrified Wood Table
Petrified Wood Table
Jul 12th

Petrified Wood Table – Identify the types of petrified wood can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task. Some driftwood lose much of its structure cell Original during petrification, making it impossible to retrieve enough information to identify them. Some types of wood are quite different that even beginners can recognize them with only a 10x magnification. Even the best specimens of some species of wood require training and equipment to identify high magnification. Some cell structures are evident with increasing only 10x. Others may need increases to 800. The cells (tracheids) of different kinds of wood are arranged in different patterns.
The rays are important indicators of the types of wood. The rays are small cell lines that run from the center to the cortex. In some types of wood, these rays are thin, sometimes only one or two cells wide and others are wider or of different widths. Fruit trees have many widths rays while pine has narrow beams and uniforms. Some petrified wood table have other distinguishing characteristics. Pine, for example, it has “resin ducts”. These ducts appear as cells but are much larger. If wood are straight lines with small cell and narrow beams, the additional examination is not necessary to know that the wood is pine.
The test is performed by a bucket of wood, so it can be viewed from different angles of axes. Wooden cubes finely sanded to remove scratches that may hinder identification. If higher levels of magnification are needed, thin slices of wood only a few cells thick are used. The examiner must know the aspects of different woods, so education is involved in the process, too. Technology facilitates identification software that can help in the process. This software can be purchased online for anyone who wants to pursue the field of identification of petrified wood table.

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